Currently we have mentoring internships and volunteer jobs that you’ll absolutely LOVE

First a bit about our approach:

We are in the world of putting on fun events, producing widely read stories that will draw attention to you, and filmmaking opportunities at every level. We expect that you will come out of any internship with skills you didn’t learn in school. And we believe in cross-mentorship. You will teach us and bring value to Prevail News. And what can be better than producing stories, films, videos and images targeted at the 50 percent of Americans who include those without a home, who struggle with making ends meet, and who are two paychecks away from financial implosion. 

Here are key mentorship jobs we’d like to fill:


Not only will you have a  place to publish your work, but the opportunity to learn audio, video, on-camera skills, and photography. In the modern world, being a writer only doesn’t quite cut it. See the full description here.


As a producer you will oversee a small film production team and make sure that everything comes together on days of filming. When we film on stage, you will be acting as a stage manager. A per-event fee will be paid, based upon donations raised at the event.

Film Team Member

We need a person to fill roles as they arise on our film team. This can include on-site audio, videography, photography and miscellaneous tasks. A per-event fee will be paid, based upon donations raised at the event.


We will be filming for two pilot films, each aimed at becoming episodes. “America Leads? Game Show” is a gamedy (game comedy) devoted to finding out when America leads the rest of the world. “Pothead” is a comedic cooking show (would that be cook-edy?) devoted to teaching easily-prepared food that’s cheap, inexpensive, has a long shelf life and fills you up (high satiety). 
A per-event fee will be paid based on donations.


CONTACT Jerry Sedgewick: 

jerry(at)prevailnews(dot)org    Text: Six Five One 788-2261.