Prevail Together


a variety show for the soul

Join us for a weekly adventure as we explore themes (“hot takes”) on this life we live … together.

An eclectic ~60 minute show  –  both serious & silly, satirical & challenging.

Host Jerry Sedgewick will lead a changing cast of local musicians, visual artists, youth performers, storytellers, spoken word, a homeless choir and more.

Live and Livestreamed.

picture from the first newspaper of Prevail News

We are creating Prevail Together Variety Show as an evolution of our original vision: to create news that enlightens and entertains about the issues that matter in each of our day-to-day lives: with emphasis on assisting those experiencing homelessness.

Picture of Comrade Tripp and Jerry Sedgewick

And in the spirit of our vision, involve those of all ages and backgrounds as creators.

picture of people with hands up at a concert

Prevail Together at Zion Lutheran Church in the Midway (Saint Paul, Minnesota) once a week on Sunday, late afternoon.

Contact info:

Jerry Sedgewick

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Facebook Link:


Paid Positions*

Producer (Organizer)
Stage Manager
Camera Operator(s)
Audio Person
Choir Director (Homeless Choir)

*Paid positions are a percentage of ticket costs and donations at each event.


See our submissions page for submitting your creative work on our themes

Click to see our documentary on street survivors and a likely cause for chronic homelessness