We believe all people need a way to contribute: a Hand Up versus a Hand Out

Street survivors montage of pictures
Three Prevail Mixes shown.

Our mission is to provide jobs for Street Survivors: We make Prevail Mixes - with new foods to come!

Street Survivors include individuals currently without housing, and in transitional housing

Picture of man's outline and homeless man's tent
Daniel Velner at his new apartment

We're doing that now with a person who moved to an apartment from temp housing, opening up a space for another street survivor

Help us to grow our non-profit business so, 1 by 1, we can liberate folks from lives on the streets

Homeless cardboard sign burning
Prevail Alliance logo

Our non-profit centers around efforts to promote health & limit greenhouse gases - We are part of the Prevail Alliance.

Buy Prevail Mix at Hampden Co-op in Saint Paul, or come for Paella Fridays (Zion Community House, 1697 LaFond, St Paul). Support us by your purchases!

Picture of paellas to advertise Paella Fridays

Experience being homeless by seeing our documentary "Guttered" below...