We believe in dignity for the people we serve through fresh food and jobs

Street survivors montage of pictures
meals made at zion community commons

We partner with chefs and Zion Community Commons to serve Pay-As-You-Can and free meals/groceries featuring fresh, local farm food

We sold Prevail pancake and muffin mixes to get a person out of the homeless system into an apartment

Daniel Velner at his new apartment

Help us to grow our non-profit so, 1 by 1, we can liberate folks from lives on the streets and increase meals and groceries to underserved persons

Zion community commons has been involved in food justice by providing free groceries over 20 years. Eureka, under the leadership of chef Colin Anderson, provides free meals and groceries to those who can’t pay with nutritious food locally sourced

Experience being homeless by seeing our documentary “Guttered” below…