Short Description

Prevail Mix is a distribution and online sales 501(c)3 non-profit offering pancake/waffle, cake and corn muffin mixes with all profits going toward hiring street survivors (individuals in the homeless system). Prevail Mix has already freed a person (Daniel Velner) from transitional housing to open up a room for an individual on the streets: a two for one.

About Mixes

All Prevail Mixes use organic ingredients sourced from local farms (when available). Most mixes are gluten- and aluminum-free, include high protein corn meal, can be prepared for vegan and lactose-free diets, and are made with only the addition of milk or milk substitute. These are currently being sold at Hampden Co-op and Brake Bread in Saint Paul, Minn.

About Organization

Prevail News, doing business as Prevail Mix, operates from Zion Lutheran church in Saint Paul, Minn. with Jerry Sedgewick as the Executive Director. Their mission is to provide jobs for those individuals who are currently and formerly unhoused (street survivors), often individuals with spotty job histories and criminal records. Their intent is to create jobs in self-supporting enterprises, with Prevail Mix as their first business.

Prevail Together and Marketing

Prevail Together is weekly, theme-based variety show for the soul featuring local visual artists, musicians, spoken word, poets, actors and a homeless choir. The show will promote Prevail mixes through humorous skits, and will advocate for providing shelter to those who are unhoused. The show is expected to begin Fall of 2022 at Zion Lutheran church in Saint Paul, Minn. It will be live-streamed for both YouTube and a podcast.


Prevail Mix logo and pancakes
Prevail Mix logo and pancakes
Prevail Mix bags on shelves at Hampden Co-op
Prevail Mix available at Hampden Co-op, Saint Paul, MN
Picture of Jerry Sedgewick
Jerry (Gerald) Sedgewick, Executive Director of Prevail News.
Daniel Velner at his new apartment
Daniel Velner moves from transitional housing to an apartment on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul, Minn.
Label for the Celebration mix
Label for Prevail’s Celebration pancake/waffle mix
Prevail Mix cake picture
Prevail Mix coconut delight cake mix.
Prevail Mix Cardamom Corn Muffin Mix
Prevail Mix Cardamom Corn Muffin Mix