Everything around you has been examined through a microscope, from computer & cell phone parts, to material used on floors, ceilings & walls

But the more crucial matter – human health – relies upon microscopes for diagnosis and tracking of diseases

An increasingly used means for labeling disease states in cells comes through glow-in-the-dark tagging

However, over the 40+ years these tags have been used, a persistent problem plagues scientists: the tags fade when struck by light

We have developed a microscope that prevents fading

And we would like to solve this intractable problem by creating and marketing this microscope to an over 6 billion dollar industry

Street survivors montage of pictures

We believe this business could scale and we’d be able to increasingly hire more who are street survivors

And someday we can insure effective diagnosis for you or your loved ones

Can you help us to raise what we need to get this microscope into more labs and clinics while getting work for street survivors?