Intern Writer & Netcaster for Campaigns


We are conducting simultaneous campaigns as a means to hammer away at single issues. These issues are 1) health care and 2) socialism.

Our intent is to repeatedly create stories, netcasts, public art, and events because singular news reports here and there do not create seismic change. What is needed is persistent and continuous media outpourings.

Our focus is on our current parasitic health care system. Health care addresses the ONLY issue that affects both liberals and conservatives with neither group happy about the costs. However, both groups are potentially scared by the word “socialism” and so any campaign to transform our health care system must also correlate “socialism” with “family,” with “small business success,” and with other positive things in order to take the bad connotations out of the word “socialism.” Thus the scare tactics of using the word “socialism” will lose power.

And then, depending on resources, we expect to take on other campaigns.

What the Position Entails

We believe that writers can be excellent at their craft, but additional skills make writers more marketable. We will train you in the following to put you at the front:

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Live broadcasting
  • Audio production
  • Video editing
  • Graphic Design

We want you to:

  • Develop your own style as a web personality
  • Expand your horizons beyond writing only
  • Learn to exploit the written word with photography, design and video
  • Write those articles that lead to readership: Ultimate guides, 5 or 10 things you need to know, Secrets behind such and such, etc.

You will work in a in a virtual office except when filming, training, etc., which really means you work from home. We have regular meetings to keep the energy going. And we believe in co-mentoring.

If you want to work for good, and get the experience you need, please contact Jerry Sedgewick: jerry(at)prevailnews(dot)org . Please send samples of your writing.

If you would like more information about our growing organization, check out our website: