Guerilla Marketing

We are getting signatures from people like you who would like to see panhandlers holding signs to advertise versus cardboard

With all the human resources we have in people who panhandle, why not have them hold signs to market and advertise?

We believe that street corners are ideal for guerilla marketing & those who need money can hold poles with banners and get paid for it

How? Clearly it would be difficult to deliver signs to panhandlers at each street corner, so we devised a self-serve kiosk

The kiosk releases a sign when a button is pressed, a timer starts, and at the end of a timed period a card pops out to be cashed at an ATM

A camera *could* be installed to track activity, determine that the sign has been held via software, and to stream to a central location for monitoring

To test our idea, we gave a panhandler money for holding a sign to advertise our documentary

After 2 hours, he was exhilarated: for the first time people rolled down their windows and talked to him: treated him with the dignity he deserves

And he was paid more than the 25 dollars per session a panhandler typically receives

This CAN be done: in Nashville, Tennessee, NO one flies a sign: street corners are animated by those who sell newspapers instead, and 30% of these folks get off the streets & into housing*

If you’re a business owner who wants exposure, these signs are up 24/7 whether being held or not; and are likely more visible than billboards, or signs on buses and benches

Though sign holders may not always appear dressed up, buyers associate your good deed with your advertising: the penultimate guerilla marketing effect

So we are taking our game changer to the next level through grant applications for a feasibility study

And we need your signature on our petition to make Guerilla Marketing for Dignity a grassroots effort with wide support

Will you be the one who joins with us to provide dignity and jobs for those who panhandle? Sign our petition!

*30% is an estimate provided by The Contributor newspaper non-profit as of 2016.