Street Survivor Documentary

Jerry Sedgewick, the director of Prevail News, is working on a documentary about homelessness. The summary follows:

Middle class dad sees what it’s like to spend the night at a homeless shelter and finds the unexpected.

Guttered is a documentary about being trapped in a life of homelessness. The director experiences homelessness first hand and navigates his way through the system. Interviews with former street survivors provide background and insight on the difficulties in getting out of the homeless system, even after finding transitional housing.

One formerly homeless man describes how becoming homeless “gets in your DNA.” As a result of his comment, the director also explores the role of epigenetics. If homelessness is a traumatic experience, then it follows that some alteration of genetic expression would be a result.

The director also explores our view of the impoverished as “losers” and how that affects those who are on the streets.

Guttered will be entered into major film festivals (Cannes, Sundance, Austin, etc) for distribution opportunities. If the major festivals do not reap distribution agencies, then the documentary will be submitted to other major and minor film festivals until it gains recognition and potential awards.

Progress as of summer 2018:
Three-fourths of required film footage and audio recordings have been collected. Film completion will require interviews with an epigenetic expert and those knowledgeable about the effects of poverty on self-esteem.

Director, Writer, Filmmaker: Jerry Sedgewick
Key Street Survivor and Inspiration: Daniel Velner

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