All our projects are designed to include homeless or formerly homeless street survivors as paid workers, including our movement to reduce fossil fuel use.

Inner Light Portraits


I’m interested in those people who have a “light in their eyes.” There’s something I see in other people makes me think they have that light. What is it? Does it come from someplace internally? Is it the way these people view the world? Are they happier than the rest of us? Or is it just a phenomenon of having watery eyes?

I’m exploring that by taking portraits of people either I pick, or who are picked by others. I am interviewing these people to see if there’s something that lies inside that makes them different than the rest of us. And I will measure their faces: the distance between pupils, the size of the reflected light, the size of the eyeball, the location of the iris in relation to the lids, and so on. A perfect merger of art and science born of many years with my feet in both camps (see for scientific background).


The Technology

I’m using the absolute best lens available today for portraiture, a lens that outperformed others so well it passed every benchmark. This has never happened before. The camera contains better color resolution than any other on the market, and the best color matching to the subject. It uses a Foveon chip, a method that uses dye layers of red, green and blue over all sensors. Traditional chips use a pattern of red, green, blue, green sensors. The colors have to be interpreted at each sensor.

The lighting is a surround kind of lighting to create virtually a shadowless image.

A video camera and separate sound recording device will be used for interviews.

The Art

I believe the best pictures are captured when there is a relationship between the photographer and the person photographed. I believe this is where you see a difference between a lackluster portrait and one that is lively and evocative. If you wish, I will make a fine arts portrait. Otherwise you can choose those you like and have these printed by a third party.

I expect that over time I can hire homeless or formerly homeless people to help in this process.

Jerry Sedgewick, Scientist Photographer


Other projects: Food, Art, Assembly


Instrument Assembly

In relationship with the company Imaging and Analysis, we anticipate the need for assembly of lighting and calibration products. These products are used in scientific research, medicine, and potentially for other industries (forensics, wafer inspection, quality control, etc.).

Again, the need for assemblers is scalable as the market expands.

Guttered and other Arts Projects

A documentary on homelessness (“Guttered”) is currently in the process of being completed. This documentary examines the cycle of homelessness and the difficulty in getting out of that quicksand. A variety of people can be employed in this area, including artists, musicians, production personnel and post-production help. The documentary will be completed as an income stream allows. We anticipate raising money through events and other means.

Communal arts projects are in the making, largely depending upon photography. More details as these come to fruition.

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