All our projects are designed to include homeless or formerly homeless street survivors as paid workers.

Human Face Project

Change perception, one face at a time

Think of this: hundreds of human faces from all walks of life and races. Each with that person’s essence. When we see those human face images it touches our sensibilities so that we feel a human connection. How beautifully we see that all of us are the same. All with the same elemental humanity. All kindred pilgrims on the Earth, no matter what our past. No matter how our faces are made.

Increase our collective compassion

Any camera can make a person a photographer, but it’s not the camera. It’s the relationship between the photographer and the person being photographed. When that person lets down their guard because of that relationship, a window opens. You can call the opened window a look into that person’s spirit, essence, persona, soul, or vital force. Whatever it is, it cannot be defined. It’s entirely visual and it elicits a feeling. It’s a look under the skin.

Join with others

You can be part of this great project. Join with others who have had their essence revealed through these images. Don’t be shy. It might turn out to be an experience you’ll treasure.

What’s in it for you

For your participation, you will receive all but the digital image the photographer decides to keep for the human face project. If you’d like to have a fine arts print of any image signed by the photographer, you will have a rare opportunity to get an archival print at a price you can afford. The team members of Prevail News who are currently homeless, or who have been street survivors, will print your portrait.

Art? It’s up to you

Don’t feel any need or pressure to have a fine arts print made. We’re just pleased that you would be a part of the human face project.

Reduce barriers between humans. Spread the love.

Other projects: Food, Art, Assembly

Cottage Food

Creating a cottage food (a food exempt from using a commercial kitchen for food preparation) is a good way to generate income with an easy entry to the market. Sales can occur immediately at farmers’ markets and similar venues. Once establishing a foothold, the sales can move to coops and increasingly to larger food outlets. This business model is scalable, which means that more and more employees can be hired as the business expands.

We expect to make a kind of dip that would be a new choice. Currently the choices are largely limited to salsa and hummus. More details to come.

The cottage food may include small scale food sales at an easy entry vendor location, such as the World Market in Minneapolis, MN. The likelihood of having that kind of operation depends upon street survivors showing interest by making concrete steps to prepare food and then to show up to sell it.

Instrument Assembly

In relationship with the company Imaging and Analysis, we anticipate the need for assembly of lighting and calibration products. These products are used in scientific research, medicine, and potentially for other industries (forensics, wafer inspection, quality control, etc.).

Again, the need for assemblers is scalable as the market expands.

Guttered and other Arts Projects

A documentary on homelessness (“Guttered”) is currently in the process of being completed. This documentary examines the cycle of homelessness and the difficulty in getting out of that quicksand. A variety of people can be employed in this area, including artists, musicians, production personnel and post-production help. The documentary will be completed as an income stream allows. We anticipate raising money through events and other means.

Communal arts projects are in the making, largely depending upon photography. More details as these come to fruition.

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