Picture of Street Survivor James Williams.
Fine Arts Photography by Jerry Sedgewick

By Jennifer Owens

“Walk in our shoes for a day” are the words James Williams, a homeless man living the Twin Cities, asks readers to realize. James is among an estimated 14,000 people homeless a night in Minnesota.

James, adopted as a child, grew up in the church and feels the detachment from his family along with drugs and alcohol addiction contributed to him being homeless.

There are a multitude of obstacles homelessness creates. James thinks housing, unemployment, and mental health issues are the main problems the homeless face. He believes to eliminate homelessness there should be programs similar to Heading Home Minnesota that have a minimum stay, provide long term housing, employment, coaching, and encouragement for those in need.

He is a survivor and knows firsthand it is best to “walk away when there is trouble.” James has been sober for over six years and believes “Prevail News” and its initiatives can help end homelessness in the Twin Cities.

Picture of homeless man, James Williams
Fine Arts Photography Jerry Sedgewick

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