How to Fall Out of Love

How To Fall Out of Love banner picture featuring look at area under a bridge for homeless.
Here’s a first media image for the screenplay How to Fall Out of Love.

A man commits to falling out of love and spawns an unforseen rival, a curiously consenting partner, captivating songs and untamed dance — all under a freeway bridge amidst tents for homeless.

After a heated argument, a young man (Josh) decides he needs to fall out of love because the relationship isn’t working. His friend (Darwin), one tent away under a freeway overpass, agrees to help him by looking up ways to do that on the internet. Once his girlfriend (Hannah) is informed, she readily moves on and stops seeing Josh. A rough, gray haired man (Burl) decides to take advantage of the break up and pursues Hannah. Josh finds out it isn’t so easy to fall out of love, especially when he expected Hannah to be the person who mourns the break up. And he sees that Burl is out to take advantage of her with a potential for abuse.

Hannah goes through a kind of transformation, deciding that it’s best to live life through giving to others, even when she doesn’t have much to give. Darwin helps Josh to see that he could start having empathy toward Hannah instead of putting the whole world into himself. Burl is stalking Hannah with his sidekick Eddie. And a fifth character, Jamie, is talking sense into every twist of character development.

The film culminates in a contest in which Burl ridicules himself. After hilarious slapstick, he becomes menacing and dangerous, with Hannah the object of his violence. And you’ll know how it ends when you see it.


How to Fall Out of Love uses several musicians for the soundtrack, each from varied genres. You’ll hear accoustic, rap, Mexican, heavy metal and classic musical songs. The dancers often move in ways that are sometimes laugh-out-loud funny.


All actors are homeless and formerly homeless people without exception. The whole point of the film is to provide a means for people experiencing homelessness to have a role in film, the kind of role better suited for those who don’t have a place to live. The money made by this film will go back to supporting these people (see FAQ).


1st Song, instrumental only: Because because You’re in Love
2nd Song, instrumental only: Unforgived
3rd song, instrumental only: Twist of Fate
4th song, instrumental only: Fall Out of Love
5th song, instrumental only: Primal Scream
6th song, instrumental only: Full of What is Not
7th song Manage Anger
8th song: Someone Needs Our Help
9th song, as means to recognize tune (16 tons) for Lord’s Gone Blind
10th song: What do you think would be nice?

MUSIC WITH EXAMPLE (and lame) VOCALS excluding 1st song

02 Unforgived with example vocals (Darwin and Hannah)
03 Twist of Fate with example vocals (Josh & Hannah/Jamie refrain)
04 Fall Out of Love example vocals (Hannah & Jamie with all actors doing refrain)
05 Primal Scream example vocals (Burl and Eddie)
06 Full of What is Not example vocals (Hannah)
07 Manage Anger with example vocals (All actors as chorus, Josh)
08 Someone needs our Help with example vocals (Hannah, Eddie, Josh and all actors for final refrain)
09 Lord’s Gone Blind with example vocals (Darwin, Josh and all actors for refrain)
10 What do you Think Would be Nice example vocals (Hannah and Jamie)
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Guttered captures attention about street survivors (homeless) who grit their teeth to cope with trauma; and a solution to public policy gone bad.

How to Fall Out of Love gives jobs to homeless actors, dancers, singers and extras in a Mollywood (Minnesota-made Hollywood Musical) feature length film as a means to raise more money to continue making films and to eventually house street survivors who will have portfolios for potential careers.

Donations immediately go to support contract employment of a film editor and sound person to complete Guttered.


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