Here are EASY and BENEFICIAL ways to reduce oil consumption:

Losing Weight:

  • Walk or bike instead of driving to one location per week
  • Walk to the gym (it’s more exercise!)
  • Wash your car by yourself versus the car wash
  • Use Bus or Train instead of car one day a week

Saving Your Car:

  • Car pool one day per week
  • Schedule trips to stores on one day versus using car every day
  • Give your car a one day break each week or month
  • Keep tires inflated to proper levels

Saving Money:

  • Go out to eat one or two  days less per month
  • Drink tap or filtered water and give up bottled water
  • Commit to one thing you won’t buy anymore
  • Commit to buying one kind of item (e.g. clothing) second hand


  • Don’t accelerate quickly
  • Drive less than the speed limit
  • Anticipate stop lights by coasting

Being Alternative:

  • Bring mug to office to avoid polystyrene and paper cups
  • Read newspaper online
  • Make a point of buying from local stores
  • Buy locally produced food

Making a Difference:

  • Limit purchases of plastic products (plastic requires oil)
  • Refuse plastic bags at counters (bring in your own re-useable bag)
  • Limit purchases of red meat (cows require excessive oil use)
  • Commit to buying food in bulk



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