Picture of respondent.
Calvin responds to friend who says he’s waking up for Christmas. By Cliff Hendricks, Photographer.

By Amy Phillips, Cliff Hendricks, and Jerry Sedgewick

Our question of the day (Are you imagining something different for the holidays?) for December 16, 2015 found respondents enthused. They mentioned how much they liked the question. It engendered other ideas for questions like: If you were a bug, which one would you like to be?

Our answers to this question from several people of differing races, genders and ages were as follows:

“I’m going to Las Vegas. My wife’s from Las Vegas. It’s my first time going to the in-laws for Christmas. That’s a little different. Isn’t that a little different? I don’t even want to imagine what that will be like. I’ll just let it be.”

“I’m imagining we’ll all make something for each other in my family rather than buying things.”

“After getting ostracized by my family for the last 5 years, working through homelessness, and getting stabilization after being homeless, I’m imagining it to be more positive. My son and I were recently estranged from each other and we’re getting back together again. I’m very excited about that. I’ve got my great guy to spend the holidays with this year I’m not alone. It’s not just another day to me. It’s an opportunity to get back within the community so it’s different in a positive way this year.”

“For the last five years haven’t had a Christmas. Family isn’t doing anything. This year we [his girlfriend and he] are.

“Im not looking forward to nothing. I’m just blessed.”

“I’m imagining waking up.”

“It’s [Christmas] is just money, money, money; but it’s supposed to be sentimental.”

Thanks to our respondents from Saint Paul, MN.

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