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Prevail News is a socially responsible organization that is dedicated to job creation for homeless and formerly homeless individuals.

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Prevail News is a socially responsible organization that is dedicated to job creation for homeless and formerly homeless individuals in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. The nonprofit is run by 61-year-old Jerry Sedgewick of Saint Paul, MN, who comes from a diverse background that includes science, optics, facilities management, computer applications expertise, authorship, image forensics, journalism, and multi-media production.

After spending several months getting to know key people who are street survivors, Jerry saw the larger problem in the lack of stable, living wage jobs for homeless and formerly homeless individuals. While nonprofit organizations are set up to provide housing and temporary shelter, few tackle the problem of a lack of living wage jobs for the variety of skill levels in the street survivor community. Jerry sees that jobs aren’t being created for this community within the existing market. Furthermore, the kinds of jobs available to lower skilled workers will continue to decline with automation and jobs exporting.

At the same time, the panhandling and homeless community living in temporary and semi-permanent housing largely comprise two different communities. The panhandling population is largely transient, with some exceptions. The homeless community, on the other hand, is largely permanent until those in the community die from exposure or addiction. The salient feature of the homeless community is that of being caught in a system where barely enough money is provided for living expenses ($200 per month) and some to buy food (about the same) with health expenses covered. To go from free housing, free food, and free health care to a job in which all of these have to be supplied by a paycheck can be near impossible, especially when jobs are almost non-existent for those without shelter.

Prevail News changes the paradigm by creating projects specifically aimed at street survivors. The projects include flexible approaches to re-joining the work force, or in learning to work for the first time. The approaches require a steady increase in time devoted to work: otherwise the system can be manipulated.


For auto-download of a picture of Jerry Sedgewick at high resolution, picture credit “Dave Hrbacek”:

Photography by David Hrbacek.
Photography by David Hrbacek.


For download of cover page of the 1st issue of Prevail News, right click on image and download.  Photo credit: Jerry Sedgewick.

Cover page of 1st Issue, "Prevail News."
Cover page of 1st Issue, “Prevail News.”


For download, right click on image and download.  Photo credit: Jerry Sedgewick.

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