Contact Info: jerry(at)prevailnews(dot)com. Located in Saint Paul, MN. You may contact me by phone, which is only answered during business hours: 763.244.1758.

Prevail News is a socially responsible company, formerly a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The charitable organization was formed to produce newspapers for vendors to sell alongside the road. It was our hope that Prevail News could replicate what has been done in Nashville, Tennessee, where all who are homeless and formerly homeless sell newspapers instead of holding signs. However, in the Twin Cities the model did not transplant.

The focus has changed to a business model with the idea that hard work, creativity and tenacity will result in creating income. I am providing jobs for street survivors in more than one line of work as a result of meeting with many street survivors who have interests as varied as in any other collection of people. I am starting by creating several projects, each of which provides a means for street survivors to make income. You can find out more about projects and how street survivors fit in by clicking Projects.

The desire to create jobs for people arises from some core beliefs that I have:

1) all people can work,

2) all people have a need to work, even at limited hours, and

3) the number of living wage jobs for unskilled and marginalized people cannot possibly be met by relying upon existing businesses.

I think that having housing is critical, but jobs must accompany housing. It is not appropriate or rational to believe that businesses can provide jobs for everyone, and so I am providing ways to hire the people few others take on.

The entry into a job has to be gradual, and the job itself has to be either intrinsically interesting or in an environment that works for most people. Thus, the lines of work required by the projects encompass creative, functional and “put in the hours” kinds of work.

The hope is to launch the projects early on in 2017. I will post again to this page as time goes on.

— Jerry Sedgewick






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