Prevail News is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Mission Statement: Our mission is focused on the homeless and formerly homeless, what we call street survivors. Here is our mission statement:

  • To provide jobs and projects for street survivors as a way to uplift, and to potentially provide adequate personal income to find permanent or transitional housing.
  • To educate and motivate citizens on a national and local level through our documentary to emphasize the need for Housing First.
  • To provide Prevail Homes as a more inexpensive and long term solution for transitional and permanent housing.

Organization: We have a need for more members of our board of directors. Please contact Jerry Sedgewick if you are interested using the form below. Jerry Sedgewick is the current president.

Board members include Arthur Johnson (business and marketing advisor), Edward Fisher (retired lawyer), Daniel Velner (Street Survivor), and Sabrina Garbutt (business and marketing advisor).

Contact: Please contact us using the form below, or contact jerry directly via email: jerry(at)prevailnews(dot)org.

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