What You Can Do

You can do something concrete to support our films and other projects. How about supporting something visionary: a feature length movie with only unsheltered persons as actors?

The screenplay has been written and a live reading will be at the Center For Performing Arts (CFPA) in Minneapolis on Saturday, April 6, 2019. Until then, some key writers have reviewed the Bollywood (Minne-Hollywood) Musical screenplay entitled How to Fall Out of Love. Here’s what a noted Shakespeare professor wrote to Jerry Sedgewick, the author:

“I loved your screenplay… I laughed. I cried. I tried to sing along… I really liked imagining what this would look and sound like on a screen.

W. Cannon, PhD

How would you like to take a part in this? IF screenplay goes over well… we’ll need marketing, film production, choreographers, and other behind the scenes help from people who have never been homeless (mostly volunteer). For those who are currently experiencing homelessness, or have formerly been homeless, we have five main actor positions and a number of dancer and “extra” acting opportunities (paid positions on a per diem basis).

And we need help with financing the film both through donations and investments. We need $28,000 total to get this done. Our nonprofit, Prevail News, has no administrative costs and a virtual office: zero overhead. All proceeds go directly to production costs of How to Fall Out of Love. And our nonprofit has been formed to give a hand up, not a hand out.

This extraordinary film will be made in June, 2019, and then guerrilla marketed around the Twin Cities metro area, the state, and the rest of the country as a limited release film shown at selected theaters. Why make a film without having a way to show it?

Use our contact form to let us know how you’d like to help. Even better, let your friends know what we’re doing via social media.

Do you have questions? See our FAQ page for answers.


Working class man learns from surprising homeless stories and spends night at a feared shelter to experience the trauma.

Prevail News director, Jerry Sedgewick, is currently editing a documentary about homelessness entitled Guttered. It’s about 1/4th completed. See more here.


We are in the process of starting an “adopt a street survivor” program for a select neighborhood with the idea the concept could expand to include other neighborhoods. We’ve built weatherized shelters much like ice fishing houses with propane heaters. These kept folks alive during our -40 degree wind child and -21 degree weather.