Have you ever wanted to do something besides pocket change to panhandlers to assuage your guilt?

Experts from around the globe agree that unsheltered people must have housing. Thus Housing First has become the battle cry in many major cities.

Yet, only one city in the entire world has responded: Helsinki, Finland.

What to do? A documentary!

We have seen documentaries make better headway in in fomenting change than any other venue. An Inconvenient Truth led to global awareness of climate change, and Super Size Me led to a groundswell of people questioning fast food.

Why not do the same regarding homelessness?

By sleeping in an overnight shelter, eating at a soup kitchen, attempting to get a job and attempting to find transitional housing, a middle class guy who plays the homeless finds out how insurmountable problems can be. And then discovers something about the chronically homeless: likely behavioral changes at the genetic level.

This experience has been filmed for our documentary entitled Guttered. It is a *must see* for those who think the homeless can get jobs. This film will make jobheads recalculate their thoughts.

The most important part: Housing First.

The documentary is one thing. Having it shown with a discussion afterward is something else. Educating about Housing First is increasingly important because the next recession will once again pour thousands into the street, with too many of them older than 50 (the fastest growing population of homeless).

It could be your parent or grandparent next.

This documentary must take the same path as An Inconvenient Truth because this, too, is inconvenient for politicians and those in real estate. It must travel the country to churches, synagogues, mosques and community centers to spur Housing First initiatives.

Can you help?

Help us to present at public spaces in your community by notifying and pushing key decision makers to show Guttered. We will show Guttered and raise money to continue showing the documentary in other cities.

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