Prevail News: A Hand UP

We created a documentary entitled Guttered to trumpet the life-and-death human need for immediate housing.

The ultimate consequence without housing? Inescapable homelessness.

Use this film to educate yourself and others!

We are studying an alternative to panhandling in our initiative called “Streets to Greets.” Panhandlers hold signs to advertise for an hourly wage with the option to collect tips.

Drive-bys who hand money to panhandlers say, “If panhandlers are working a job, then I’m happy to give them money.” True or False? If true, we have the data to convince city officials to start a Streets to Greets program.

Do we think outside the box? Yep. Our FUNdraiser is also a Pilot TV/Netflix episode. It will be filmed with help from Street Survivors

We’re the planning stage now for our OddSportz event: laptop throwing (I’m sure you’ve wanted to do that!) Hold your seats (and laptops) for an event date and location

Rather than spend hundreds of millions on high rises, we are imagining multi-bedroom homes in neighborhoods: Our Prevail Homes solution.

These homes will house 5+ formerly unsheltered people in cooperative rooming houses. All occupants are owners in the cooperative, but Prevail News acts as the overseeing agent and purchaser. Much, much cheaper, easier to accomplish, and could be a boon to marginal neighborhoods.

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You can advertise on our site in the About section with your donation and use as advertising deduction. And you can learn about our fun-raising events. Nothing beats fun for making social change!


  • Episodes: Create films in which unsheltered/formerly unsheltered people participate: our first films are intended as serials (episodes): Pothead and Odd Sports.
  • Streets to Greets: A pilot project to determine whether or not panhandling at street corners can be replaced by holding signs to advertise local businesses, entitled “Streets to Greets.”
  • Prevail Homes: A pilot project to provide rooming house to currently homeless people via a cooperative housing model with our first Prevail Home. This method uses current houses on market with multiple bedrooms and features a gradual means toward inclusion in the job market.


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