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Prevail News once published a newspaper those who experience homelessness could sell (as in Nashville, TN USA), but now supports projects devoted to those experiencing homelessness (street survivors).


Middle class dad sees what it’s like to spend the night at a homeless shelter and finds the unexpected while learning first hand the long term effects of trauma from homelessness.

Prevail News director, Jerry Sedgewick, is working on a documentary about homelessness entitled Guttered. It’s about 1/4th completed. The documentary focuses on chronic homelessness. Several homeless men tell their stories, and one is followed as he gets a job after years of being on the streets. What happened next led Jerry to re-think the chronic effects of being homeless and subsequent effects of trauma and epi-genetic changes.


We are in the process of starting an “adopt a street survivor” program for a select neighborhood with the idea the concept could expand to include other neighborhoods. We’ve built weatherized shelters much like ice fishing houses with propane heaters. These kept folks alive during our -40 degree wind child and -21 degree weather for campers.


Methods for developing job opportunities specifically to address street survivors has not been implemented on a small or larger scale. This is a goal for Prevail News, and we welcome any entrepreneurs who wish to kick start appropriate enterprises. In the meantime we are looking at employing street survivors as actors. More on this later.

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