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Reduce Oil Consumption

If a progressive walk your talk. If conservative reduce our reliance on oil from foreign powers. Or just do it for your loved ones. Join the Prevail Alliance.

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It’s a Win-Win

Make changes and improve your life. Drive slower. Eat less red meat. Walk to one place where you'd normally drive. Just choose one (see more).

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Promote Change

You've done your part, legislators need to do theirs. Your actions speak louder than words or any "moral peacocking" on social media. (Opt out if you wish).


Lose Weight   Walk instead of driving to one place a week (or more)
Save Gas   Commit to driving slower; anticipate stops
Become Healthier   Eat less cow meat (or give it up)
Save Money   Commit to going out less often
Save Time   Instead of location meetings, conference call
More Benefits   See our list for more ways to reduce fossil fuel use

Already doing something?   Fill out form and say what you've done!

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We want to know that people of all ages are taking action
Make it achievable and something you'll keep for a long time
We want legislators to know that people from all occupations are taking action.
Legislators will ignore messages without a full name.
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Yet another of your constituents is taking direct actions to reduce their use of oil in the following ways: (Your commitment here) We are doing our part to reduce our country's reliance on fossil fuels. Will you do yours? Start by putting money toward greater use of LEDs along our streets and highways, and toward solar and wind power. These are proven ways to reduce spending in the longer term. We count on you, and our children count on you. Thank you.
Donate to Curb Climate Change
We will use your donation immediately to get the word out to EVERYONE
Because our planet is at stake, our cute little fuzzy animals are at stake, and because you care. We are a 301(C)(3) charity

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